DFI provides numerous opportunities for members of the community to be part of the solution and participate.  So what are you waiting for…



Give your business a competitive advantage by starting your drug-free workplace program today.

It’s not difficult.  It’s not expensive.  You don’t have to do it alone.

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Join the Coalition

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Help us create a drug-free community!

Join the coalition and get involved in reducing substance abuse in our community.


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Family Dinner Night

Studies show kids who often share meals with their families are less likely to engage in risky behaviour. DFI is promoting National Family Dinner Night on September  22, 2014…

Parents are invited to take a live tour of a typical teen party .  This is a can’t miss opportunity to face current realities and be part of the discussion to change these dangerous social norms.  October 30th.

Sticker Shock Red Ribbon Rally/Week

Red Ribbon Rally is Friday, October 17 at the State Capitol from 12pm - 1pm.  Come support 1,000 youth from our local schools…

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Download a place mat

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Family Dinner Night Placemat

Everyone’s Doing It:

What Today’s Teens Think About Marijuana-Infographic

Reality Party for Parents

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